Howard Stern wears Serengeti Sunglasses on Americas Got Talent Show!

Sunglasses worn by Howard Stern

It is no secret that Howard Stern appreciates a great pair of sunglasses.  He is rarely seen without wearing sunglasses, many of them are extremely unique.  Many people have been calling in and asking us, “What are the sunglasses that Howard Stern wears on the television show America’s Got Talent?” Several people even ask Howard on his Sirius Radio show what sunglasses he wore the night before on AGT.  Howard Stern has stated several times on air that he wears Serengeti Sunglasses, although he never stated exactly which model he wears.

We are here to tell you, that our team of eyewear experts determined that Howard Stern is wears the Serengeti Sassari Sunglasses Model 7666 on Americas Got Talent.  This sunglass is not only one of the best looking sunglasses ever made, it is also extremely lightweight and comfortable as well.  Serengeti has been manufacturing some of the highest quality sunglasses for several decades, and they are well known for their drivers lenses which provide some of the best optics on the market.  All Serengeti Sunglasses are Photochromic, which means that the sunglasses actually darken in bright sunny conditions, and lighten when there is little or no sun.  This is what allows you to wear the same sunglass whether you are outside in the brightest condition or indoors where there is no sun at all.  Many find that since this particular sunglass is so lightweight and comfortable, and the lenses adapt to the lighting conditions that you are in, you will find yourself wearing this pair of sunglasses indoors as well as outdoors.

You too can wear the same sunglasses that Howard Stern wears.  If you would like to try on the Serengeti Sassari Sunglasses RISK FREE, order the Serengeti Sassari Sunglasses from  You will get FREE SHIPPING and NO RESTOCKING FEES!

One thought on “Howard Stern wears Serengeti Sunglasses on Americas Got Talent Show!

  1. Angelina Parker

    This is one stylish looking sunglass. And Howard carried the look beautifully IMHO. We need more types of glasses like these – smart, sleek and appealing. And before you see it, TRPs of TV shows will skyrocket soon enough! ;-)


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